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Problems with delivered goods must be notified to HEXIS® UK Ltd on 01543 411221 within 48 hours of receipt. We cannot accept responsibility for goods signed for as undamaged and subsequently reported as damaged in transit.

Authorisation is required from HEXIS® UK Ltd before allegedly faulty or damaged products can be returned to us and we must issue a returns form & number that must be sent back with the goods. Should these goods not be available for collection when the courier arrives, it then becomes your responsibility to return the goods to us undamaged in the original packaging.

HEXIS® UK Limited's terms and conditions of sale set out the position in relation to faulty, damaged or non-delivered goods. The summary below is not intended to be a substitute for the relevant full terms and conditions of sale.

In the event that a purchaser alleges that a product is faulty we reserve the right to require the prompt provision of a sample of the allegedly faulty product illustrating the reported defect in order to inspect it and send it to the manufacturer for tests if necessary before authorising any remedy.

While HEXIS® UK Ltd will try to accommodate any reasonable request, we are not obliged to cancel any order or accept products back where such products are no longer required by the purchaser. In the event that we do agree to accept such products back, we can only accept non-damaged, unused standard roll lengths. A collection and re-stocking charge covering all of our costs and expenses arising from the taking such products back into stock will be payable before or at the time of collection. We cannot accept back any product which is converted, a non-standard product width or a product produced to a purchasers' specification which are no longer required in any circumstances.

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