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New legislation requires manufacturers to use water-based paints for greater environmental compliance.

These paints are less hard on the surface and are more sensitive to scratches and impacts.

BODYFENCE paint protection film is designed to provide long-lasting protection for your vehicle bodywork.


Due to its shock-absorbing, self-healing and high sliding properties, BODYFENCE protective film is the ideal protection.

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Whatever the season, the roads are sometimes loaded with gravels, that can become projectiles and damage the bodywork of your vehicle.


Who has never kept his distance from the vehicle in front in order to avoid damage to his vehicle?

Self Healing.png

When a scratch damages your paintwork, the BODYFENCE protective film will regenerate itself with the heat of the sun or with hot water.

Scratches appear on the bodywork when using automatic car washes with rollers or brushes, when rubbing against shrubs by the roadside, when the vehicle is used regularly or in the event of vandalism.

All these scratches will disappear from the BODYFENCE protection film at room temperature or through a heat source (sun, simply rinsing with hot water). Your original paintwork is preserved...

Just like the first day! 

Self Cleaning.png

The protective films in the BODYFENCE range have a non-stick agent in their compound.

As a result, dust and dirt will cling much less to your bodywork. Cleaning will be less frequent and much easier.

Ultra Clear.png

The protective films in the BODYFENCE range are perfectly clear films: they protect the bodywork without altering its appearance. These films are available in gloss, matt or satin finish.

The matte and satin versions will allow you to protect matt paintwork or to change the appearance of your bodywork.

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